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About I Fight For My Life

I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE is a Reality TV show that will teach women and all who watch on just how to manage their moments in life and prevent themselves from becoming victims. We will cover the attacker’s weaknesses and how women can find their tools to defend their lives. At least, if you’re going to die, just don’t sit there and let it happen! Go down fighting. But, with the teachings of awareness, preemptive moves and everyday weapons found in a purse, shoe, cell phone, magazine, pen, or clothing, a women has a fighting chance and can spit, bite and tear flesh to save her life and take her power back.

Spice Williams-Crosby is an accomplished actress, stuntwoman, bodybuilder, nutritional author, martial artist, and certified fitness trainer. She is well recognized for her famous role of Vixis, 1st Officer female Klingon in Star Trek V and has multiple films and TV shows to add to her resume list. She holds Masters Degrees in Fitness Science and Holistic Nutrition. Also, Black Belts in Arjukanpo (5 combatant styles), Eskrima and Certified Level 1 in Israeli Military Combat, KAPAP. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition.

Gracing the cover and pages of over 100 magazines, both here and abroad, Spice has also made a name for herself as a nutritional expert writing for magazine as Ms. Fitness, Natural Muscle Magazine, and World Black Belt. In 1998, she was voted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America-West for her humanitarian involvement with abused children and one of her greatest honors was posing for a 30ft bronze statue where she represents the past, present and future female athletes of the Olympics. Spice worked for 7 years to create the Stunt Peer Group at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and because of her efforts, there is now an honored Stunt Emmy. 

Spice’s goal is to continue to set an example for the “women of the new millennium” -- spiritually focused, mentally alert, and physically capable.

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