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Contributors to I Fight For My Life

 I can’t thank you enough for your support, donation, and continued friendship by sharing my request for help to produce my webisode, I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE! As my production gets on its way, know in your hearts, that you are part of helping women TAKE BACK THEIR POWER and possibly helping save a woman’s life!

I will keep you all posted as to my progress. Check us out on Facebook at I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE! for all my latest updates!

Barbara Anne Klein (Executive Producer)
Kevin Goetz
Missy Reynolds
Nancy Young Picerni
Phyllis Katz
Ramona Falkowitz
Z LaLa
Alana Ward
Arthur Barr
Todd Bryant
Cori Brackett
Gina Davidson
Jaime DiLeo
Dr, Hillary Smith
Joan Carl
Georgina Cyr
Ellen Jensen
Matt Anderson
Mary Rogers

William Ford 

Stephen Downs

Victor Gelfo
Jhoanna Trias
Greg Evigan
Ty Ritter
Amy Adams
Nancy Thurston
Joyce Mcneal
Debbie Rothstein
LaFaye Baker
Lee Garlington
Patty Stewart-May
Mary E Pane
Kalia Prescott
Judith Dery
Nora Cipriani
Carla Moxon
Joel Kramer

Ashley Bell
Patrick Davis
Carla Moxon
Joel Kramer
Alan Phillips
Luis Granados
Jo Elen Gidish
Linda Colucci
Tammy Miller
David Brooks
David Ayers
David Shore
Dr. Robert Kotler
Joyce Dunning
Suezie Sher
Sam & Mimi Sade
Gadi Avigzer
Lane Leavitt
Surawit Sae Kang