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Kitty Kat Key Guard

Product Description

The Kitty Kat Key Guard is nothing more than a Key Chain. It can also be an item of opportunity as an improvised device to make space in the event of an attack. It has an easy non-slip grip structured for your comfort and will fit in the palm of your hand whether you are right handed or left handed. The Kitty Kat Key Guard arranges your keys in a convenient grouping you could use in the event of an emergency, to prevent and deter an attack. It can help you feel secure, empowering you to protect your safety, defend your property or if need be, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! When used properly, the Kitty Kat Key Guard can fend off an attacker. While the Kitty Kat Key Guard is not a lethal device and won't turn you into a martial artist, in a self defensive situation, it will add power to your punch.


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Check out Valley Martial Arts

I visited my dear friend, Rafael Kosche, owner of Valley Martial Arts in North Hollywood, CA. He is the co-inventor of the Kitty Kat Key Guard.

Rafael talks about Key Points of the Kitty Kat Key Guard for I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE!

Q & A

Is there anything else like this on the market?

There are other products available, but they do not compare because they are not designed for comfort. The most important point when using a tool is to feel like it’s comfortable in your hands. This product is woman-friendly, safe for the family and to carry around, yet extremely effective when it is used against an offender. Carry your Keys with self-confidence is a part of self-protection! This Kitty Kat is 100% legal to carry anywhere.

Is this safe to have in your house in regards to your children?

This product is extremely safe, unlike others that are made out of ultra-tough plastic material with extremely sharp cutting edges. The purpose of this product is to carry with you when needed without hurting yourself, child, clothing, or purse.

What are 3 things our Kitty Kat Key Guard stands for?

1. Security – to have the confidence to know that you have a tool to defend yourself. Most people are unaware, unprepared and not equipped. This is a recipe for becoming a victim!

2. Self-Protection – to apply this tool to help get out of a dangerous situation. It only takes a quick move to throw your attacker off so that you can get away. The wolf goes after the lame not the strong!

3. Convenience – it’s on your keys and wherever your keys go, you go.

Why does this device work better than other self defense devices?

This device is a Self-Protection tool. It’s to break apart, make space, close the gap, pre-empt and surprise the attacker. It is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and between your fingers, allowing you to make a fist. This secures the placement of the tool so that it doesn’t slip and can be used properly by all ages. The other products similar on the market have places for your fingers to go through which makes them akin to brass knuckles and extremely dangerous to the fingers of the person carrying it. Once your fingers are engaged in the holes, they are locked up and not free to let go of the device if there is a need to. Note: if you have fat fingers or arthritic knuckles this device would not work for you. Also, also other products have rings attached to the device in order to attach them to your keys. These can easily be broken. Our I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE Kit Kat is attached via the bottom of the Kat and it becomes one unit with your keys. In turn, your keys become the 2nd half of this device and there is no fear in losing them if the ring breaks.

Does it draw blood?

No more than a set of keys.

Why do we need a product like this today?

Unfortunately, today's world is full of violence and people are willing to attack you at the drop of a hat. Our economic situation has created a desperate criminal that has found easy ways to prey and our sex-offender laws are flawed in protection of women. How many times have you heard of someone being mugged on the street or on the way to their car? What do you have to fight back with? The one thing that is usually in your hand…car keys! There is no need to be Bruce Lee to know how to protect yourself. It is imperative to learn Awareness, Prevention and if necessary, to Fight For Your Life! It is time for women to learn to take their power back and take themselves from Victims to Victors.