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Street Talk with I Fight For My Life

spice_at_hocHi Everyone!

Well, I have a very full life working as an actress/stuntwoman, training with weights, bootcamp, and as a martial artist. Outside of my showbiz career, I also have two Masters degrees, one in Fitness Science and the other in Holistic Nutrition. I'm currently finishing up my PhD in Natural Science at the University of Natural Medicine. I'm married to writer/producer Gregory Crosby and together we are filled with joy and pride over our son, Luke Crosby, also a Black Belt, straight A student, and a young actor.

This page will be for my crew and myself to go out and TALK with people on the streets about being STREET SMART SAFE! I'll be giving tips, techniques, and introducing you to some very special people.

Stay Tuned!!!!

Street Smart Techniques

Awareness -- Prevention -- Be Prepared

IFFML: Do and Don't!

Be Safe and Aware During Your Daily Routine